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BodyWorks: Life Enhancement Center
BodyWorks prides itself on making you feel at home. When our members walk into BodyWorks, they feel like they just walked into someone’s living room. Upon entry, our professional, friendly staff welcomes you so you can de-stress and feel relaxed. When you are a member or guest of BodyWorks, you are one of the family…

General Fitness
BodyWorks has a full array of Life Fitness equipment for all of your cardio vascular needs. Each of which are equipped with cardio theater controls for viewing your favorite TV show or listening to music.

Free weights and Life Fitness Hammer Strength resistant weight training machines are always available as well.

Personal Training
For over 20 years, BodyWorks' Personal Trainers have been recognized as some of the best in the industry. Many of our members have already discovered the incredible benefits of working with a personal trainer.

*Programs are individually designed and customized.
*Workout plans are created to provide ongoing motivation and support.
*All new members receive two complimentary orientation sessions with one of our certified trainers.
*Packages for private and group training are available in one-hour and thirty-minute increments.

Our personal trainers are dedicated to helping you achieve your specific fitness goals.