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BodyWorks: Corporate Wellness

Statistics show that a healthy & happy employee... SAVES YOUR COMPANY MONEY!

BodyWorks Life Enhancement Center offers Corporate Wellness Programs that are perfect for companies of all sizes. It has been proven that a Corporate Wellness Program can help your company:

Increase employee productivity
Decrease health care costs
Decrease rate of illness and injury
Increase company morale
Reduce turnover
Reduce absenteeism


Companies of all shapes and sizes are striving to make physical fitness part of their employees' lives—and for good reason. Wellness programs are proven to work and deliver powerful results. Companies are showing returns on investment of $1.39 - $15 for every dollar spent on wellness! Gradually, our corporate community is realizing that offering wellness programs is a benefit for your employees, the company and the future health of the community.

Bodyworks provides a team of wellness experts, ranging from nutrition specialists, certified fitness trainers, massage therapists and motivational life coaches. We implement proven tools and techniques that bring together people from different departments and levels in the chain of command. Best of all, we create a sense of fun, excitement and team spirit that is guaranteed to energize your staff and results in healthy bottom line savings.

Corporate On-Site Health Fairs and Screenings

The Bodyworks Team will plan, coordinate, and customize an interactive health fair for your company or group. These corporate health fairs provide valuable health information and screening services to employees and HR staff. Health screenings may save your employees and company the emotional and financial costs of medical conditions that have advanced because they were undetected. If you are considering hosting an upcoming corporate event, or you like to find out more information, we can tailor a health fair to the specific needs of your group.

Our corporate health fair services include:

Blood Pressure Screening Body Composition Analysis
Vision Screening
Nutrition Consultation
Healthy Cooking Recipes
Healthy Back Exercises
Health Education Resources
Stress Reduction Tips
Chiropractic Postural Analysis

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